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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Weatherization Program?

The Weatherization Program, funded through the U.S. Department of Energy and Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, provides energy efficiency and life safety home improvements to low-income residents at no cost to the household, but within limited Federal and State spending limits.

The program’s primary goal is to reduce household energy costs for Anchorage’s neediest residents, while also reducing overall energy dependency in our community.  Some highlights of what the program can do:

  • Determine the cause of drafts and heat loss in your home
  • Offer energy tips to help you reduce costs
  • Improve warmth, safety, health, and comfort through long, cold winters
  • Test & tune your heating system, air seal your home, seal your ducts, and install smoke & carbon monoxide detectors


How do I get an application?

Applications are available online, at our office located at 731 E. 8th Ave. in Anchorage, and are available through the mail. To receive an application in the mail, please call us at (907) 279-2511.

Where are you located?

Our office is located at 731 E. 8th Ave. in Anchorage.

What are the income-limits for the Weatherization Program?

Income limits are established on an annual basis and are adjusted for household size.  All occupants of the home (even non-family members) count as members of the household. Income limits vary by region. Please see the application for your region for more information.

How can I qualify for weatherization?

In addition to income qualification (see above), your house can not have been weatherized after April 15, 2008.  You also must live within Municipality of Anchorage boundaries and your home can’t be in foreclosure or actively marketed for sale or rent.

I rent.  Can I still apply?

Yes, you are still eligible for Weatherization. For renters, we will need landlord approval and utility proof.   Rental units are defined by separate entrances and addresses.

I live in a mobile home.  Can I apply for the Weatherization  Program?

Yes; if you own your mobile home, you may apply for Weatherization.  This is true even if you rent the lot your home sits on from a mobile home park owner.  If you rent your mobile home, you may apply  for Weatherization.

My home has been assisted by the Weatherization Program in the past.  Will I qualify for Weatherization assistance?

If you have received Weatherization Assistance prior to April 15, 2008 you may be eligible for the program.  If you received Weatherization Assistance after April 15, 2008 you will not be eligible.

As a landlord, am I eligible for Weatherization?

Technically, no.  But you may encourage and help your tenants to apply – this is usually the most effective way to weatherize a building with rental units, and you are encouraged to pursue it.  If your tenants meet the income guidelines, we can weatherize their units in your building.  If at least 66% of the units in your building have qualifying tenants (or 50% for a duplex or four-plex), we can weatherize common systems, such as the roof and common areas.  This is frequently where the greatest energy-related cost savings are found.

I am a landlord, how much does the Weatherization Program cost me?

There is no required landlord contribution; however, we do have stricter spending limits for rental units than for owner units.  We can exceed these limits when the owner also contributes to the project.  Please contact us at for more information.

How much does the program cost the applicant?

The Weatherization Programs are funded through outside grants and provided without charge to the applicant.

I am a tenant and my landlord will not sign the Landlord Tenant agreement.  What do I do?

We cannot weatherize housing without the owner’s consent, and the owner is not required by law to provide consent.  You can try providing more information to the landlord about the benefits of weatherization, but it is the landlord’s right to decline assistance from the program.

How long is the waiting list?

Due to the high number of eligible applicants you could wait six months or more for service. For an update on the wait list, please call (907) 279-2511.

I qualify for Weatherization assistance.  Will you replace my windows and doors?

The Weatherization Program prioritizes improvements that have the greatest energy “bang for the buck,” and Weatherization improvements have very limited budgets.  Usually, air-sealing and occasional storm windows are just as effective as window replacement, and considerably less costly.  The assessor who evaluates your home will determine what improvements the program can make.

Will I have to move out of my home while improvements are made?

Unlikely; we do ask that you secure pets and move furniture out of the way of the work area.

Do your services cover homes in the Valley?

No, our services only cover the Municipality of Anchorage.  This does include Eklutna, Peters Creek, Chugiak, Eagle River, Indian, Bird Creek, and Girdwood and Portage Valley (in addition to Anchorage) but does not include Palmer or Wasilla.  Call 907-746-5680 for weatherization if you are a Mat-Su Valley resident.  If you have any further questions about whether or not you are inside the Municipality of Anchorage, call us at (907) 279-2511.

Can I sell my home after it has been assisted by the Weatherization Program?

You will not qualify for Weatherization if the house or apartment is actively on the market while we are doing the repairs.  The program is not intended for people who anticipate selling their home soon.  However, no lien is placed on your home at the conclusion of the program.


For questions about weatherization services in Alaska that you cannot locate within this website, please visit the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s website for listings of weatherization agencies across the state or see our listing of weatherization agencies and regional housing authorities by clicking here.

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