Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.


VISTA Program

Through annual grant support from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and partner site support, RurAL CAP acts as a Multi Focus Intermediary to partner with Alaska agencies to place Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA) members. VISTA members work to build capacity and expand opportunities to bring low income communities out of poverty. Partner organizations that have VISTA Members serving at their organization typically repeat as host agencies and ask to expand the number of VISTA Members at their organization. This is a unique opportunity to build your organizational capacity to serve low income people. 

Want to be a Program Partner with RurAL CAP and Host a VISTA Member At Your Organization? 

Give us a call, or shoot us an email if you would like more information at any point in the process.  Alternatively access the host application in the link below and start the conversation that way. We are currently recruiting for VISTA Members and placement sites to start in June or July 2020.

The Site Recruitment Process is Streamlined:
Step 1) Fill out a Host Site Application.
Step 2) Brandi will work with you to complete a Volunteer Assignment Description (VAD) for your VISTA Member.
Step 3) We approve your project in conjunction with our federal program officer and recruit for a VISTA Member to start at your organization next summer.

Download Our Recruitment Packet Here!

Our Fiscal Year 2020 partners include:

Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association (3 VISTAs)

 The Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc. is the federally recognized tribal organization of the Aleut people in Alaska whose mission is to provide self-sufficiency and independence to the communities served by advocacy, training, technical assistance and economic enhancement; to assist in meeting health, safety and well-being needs of each community member. APIA Currently hosts three VISTA Volunteers serving to improve the efficacy of an elder program, community health programming, and a food sustainability initiative. 

Covenant House, Alaska (5 VISTAs)

Covenant House Alaska (CHA) has served homeless Alaskan youth with a sixty-bed crisis shelter and wrap around services that consists of street outreach, ongoing education, a drop in services center, an emergency shelter, and a primary care clinic. CHA will engage a cohort of five VISTA Members to improve CHA’s systems, processes, and programs that benefit homeless youth. CHA VISTAs are working to implement continuous improvement through youth voice, HR systems improvement, social media and social enterprise initiatives. 

Beans’ Cafe  (2 VISTAs)

This VISTA project will focus on building capacity through program development and establishing volunteer opportunities for the community to share their experiences, expertise and knowledge with homeless clients. This will provide much needed client engagement opportunities that aim to reduce poverty and negative behaviors while increasing the employability status and overall well-being and health of persons experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Anchorage Community Land Trust (1 VISTA)

Anchorage Community Land Trust strives to develop healthy and prosperous communities in Anchorage by acquiring, developing and planning for the land and projects necessary to bring about sustainable neighborhood revitalization and economic development. As a “hybrid” organization, ACLT works both as a land trust and as a community development organization. The goal is to improve the quality of life in the community by addressing issues important to Mountain View residents. This goal of this VISTA project is to alleviate poverty through growing economic opportunities for Mountain View residents through financial literacy education, entrepreneurship, and small business training and increasing local hire of trained, qualified and increasing local hire of trained, qualified community members. 

Bristol Bay Native Association (BBNA)

The Bristol Bay Drug and Opioid Task Force is a partnership made up of the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation, Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, Bristol Bay Housing Authority, Bristol Bay Native Association, and BBNC, to address the increasing presence of illicit drugs and drug use in Bristol Bay.The mission of the Task Force is to use a holistic approach empowering individuals, families and our communities to live a drug free, healthy lifestyle. The VISTA member will serve to grow the reach and financial stability of the task force and ultimately its ability to prevent opioid use and treat addicts.

Anchorage Community Mental Health Services, Alaska Seeds of Change Initiative 

This VISTA project will help maintain and further the VISTA implemented system to build supporter and volunteer capacity for Alaska Seeds of Change. This will help to encourage the success of youth employed with Seeds,
increase and strengthen the community support network available to program participants and develop community awareness regarding the challenges faced by youth with limited vocational skills due to challenging upbringing. It will also develop community awareness about food insecurity in the state of Alaska.

Community Connections 

Community Connections aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing affordable resources to individuals who experience disabilities. These resources include opportunities for education, employment, and housing, which support individuals toward self-sufficiency. Recent funding cuts thru the state of Alaska have reduced or eliminated services for many low-income people. In order to offset this, we must diversify our funding streams to provide services that the state no longer covers, such as home and community-based services. Community Connections is seeking a VISTA member to raise at least $10,000 in funds, and implement fundraising
systems like grants, community donations and events, donor tracking, and marketing materials.

Anchorage Youth Courts

Economically disadvantaged students in the Anchorage School District perform at a significantly lower rate than the general population on math, reading,writing, and science proficiency. According to a 2011 report by the UAA Center for Education and Policy Research, the gap among economically disadvantaged 10th graders, which is the target population for this initiative, is a 17% deficiency in reading,25% in writing, and 21% in match when compared to the success rates of the general student population. (UAA Center for Education and Policy Research) The Anchorage Youth Court Program plans to address this deficiency by engaging low
income Anchorage students in a summer learning loss prevention program.

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