Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.

The Resource Basket


A part of Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.          Gathering and Sharing for Alaska Native Youth Success

We help rural communities support healthy, successful and culturally-connected Alaska Native youth. Visit the Resource Basket at

Visit our through our online resource hub at We offer training, assistance and resources to tribes and youth organizations that serve Alaska Native youth (ages 12-18), living in rural Alaska. Based on the needs you or your community identify, The Resource Basket will work with you to determine what assistance we can provide such as online resources, phone consultation, online training and community-based assistance. Areas of focus include: Healthy Communities, Youth Development and Prevention, and Early Intervention and Diversion.

RurAL CAP and our partners recognize that each community has unique needs and strengths, and we strive to offer customized training and technical assistance to meet those needs.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention


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