Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.

The History of RurAL CAP

In the over 50 years since it began, it is difficult to imagine any aspect of rural Alaskan lives which has not been touched in some way by the people and programs of RurAL CAP. From Head Start, parent education, adult basic education, and elder-youth programs, to Native land claims and subsistence rights, energy and weatherization programs, and alcohol and substance abuse prevention, RurAL CAP has left a lasting mark on the history and development of Alaska and its rural Peoples.

From its earliest days to the present, RurAL CAP’s success can be attributed to the direct involvement of rural Alaskans in its programs and in the decision making processes which affect their lives, and to the belief in and respect for those Peoples by the board and staff of RurAL CAP.

Past Board Presidents                            Past Executive Directors

Ralph Perdue 1965-1966   Al Fothergill 1965 – 1966
Dan Lisbourne 1966-1967   Flore Lekanof 1966 – 1967
Marlene Johnson 1967-1970   Larry Brayton 1967 – 1969
Elmer Armstrong 1970-1974   Byron Mallott 1969 – 1970
Gordon Jackson 1974-1983   John Shively 1971 – 1972
Andrew Ebona 1983   Mike Harper 1972 – 1975
Gordon Jackson 1984-1988   Phil Smith 1975 – 1981
Ben Nageak 1988-1993   Jim Ayers 1981 – 1982
Myra Olsen 1993   Bob Lohr 1982 – 1986
Dewey Skan 1993-1997   Jeanine Kennedy 1986 – 2004
Al Ketzler, Sr. 1997-1998   David Hardenbergh 2004 – 2016
Dewey Skan 1998-1999      
Donne Fleagle 1999-2003      
Andrew Ebona 2003-2004      
Mike Williams 2004-2005      
Andrew Ebona 2005-2013      
Harold Houston Sr. 2013-2014      
Jacqueline Dailey 2014-present      

“Congratulations to all representatives of the various areas and federal, state, and private agencies. This is a big step forward for Alaska. As time goes on, we will all find that as a result of the manner in which you are delving into just how to proceed, a stable program will be set up which will be of value, not only to the particular areas, but to all of the people of Alaska. This and other programs being evolved this year are in bare infancy. They represent what the Native people all over Alaska have dreamed of for many years. The support of the state is behind your efforts, not only 100 percent, but 1,000 percent, if there was such a thing as 1,000 percent. I am happy to see such a turnout and conscientiousness in approaching your responsibility. You will be personally rewarded as you see the results of your work in the months and years to come.”
-Governor William A. Egan, addressing the first ASCAP Board meeting on August 26, 1965