Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.

About Us

Youth learn winter survival skills through the Wrangell Institute on Science and Environment (WISE) program. Youth from Kenny Lake, Mentasta, Slana and Glennallen attended Camp Chosen Frozen, which is organized in cooperation with Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. RurAL CAP’s Youth Development and Culture program provides grants to rural communities to implement activities involving youth in leadership development. Funding for the programs is provided by the Department of Juvenile Justice. The goal of the program is to decrease juvenile delinquency by involving rural Alaska Native youth in positive skill-building projects and build local capacity to manage state grants. Photo courtesy of WISE

Youth learn winter survival skills through the Wrangell Institute on Science and Environment (WISE) program. Photo courtesy of WISE

RurAL CAP, founded in 1965, is a private, statewide, nonprofit organization working to improve the quality of life for low-income Alaskans. Governed by a 24-member Board of Directors representing every region of the state, RurAL CAP is one of the largest and most diversified nonprofit organizations in Alaska. In fiscal year 2016, RurAL CAP employed 669 Alaskans in 55 communities statewide and operated on $39 million in conjunction with its for-profit subsidiary, Rural Energy Enterprises.

Healthy People, Sustainable Communities, Vibrant Cultures

To empower low-income Alaskans through advocacy, education, affordable housing and direct services that respect our unique values and cultures

Core Values
Action   ≈≈≈   Effectiveness   ≈≈≈   Honesty   ≈≈≈   Respect

RurAL CAP recognizes the unique values and way of life of rural Alaskans.  It plans its activities with input from and respect for the people it serves.  It follows the belief that rural Alaskan communities have the right to maintain their cultural heritage and close relationship to the land while protecting their economic and human potential.

Workplace Values
As a RurAL CAP employee, I am committed to:
1. Making a positive difference in people’s lives;
2. Being responsive to the people I serve;
3. Respecting all others in my actions;
4. Quality work and continual growth; and
5. Fostering a healthy work environment and maintaining a positive attitude.

Download the 2016 RurAL CAP Agency Fact Sheet (PDF file).